ACS Upgrade Hangs

I had a problem when upgrading from to I’d see the following: Saved the running configuration to startup successfully Then the CLI would just hang, after an hour I CTRL+C ‘d out of it. Stopping the ACS process and re-running the install fixed the issue. ACS/user# application stop acs Stopping ACS. Stopping Management

VPLS Unicast Flooding

Unicast flooding problems, usually associated with switched networks, can also impact VPLS. If traffic is forwarded asymmetrically through a VPLS instance, unicast flooding of unknown frames can occur. I’ll step through a scenario where this could happen. I set a LAB up with two CSR 1000V routers acting as PE routers, providing a VPLS instance.



The purpose of the MPLS MRU (Maximum Receive Unit) is to indicate the maximum size of a packet, including MPLS labels, that the local router router can forward without fragmenting. MRU is only locally significant. If an incoming packet belonging to a particular FEC (Forwarding Equivalence Class) exceeds the MRU calculated for that FEC, the